The Rules and Regulations governing the use of the Apartment in Ustronie Morskie, ul. Kościuszki 1B

1. These Rules and Regulations shall be observed by all guests staying within the area of the complex.
2. The Apartment is usually rented on a weekly basis. Out of season the rental is possible for a shorter period, however, no shorter than two nights.
3. The Apartment is designed for maximum 4 people.
4. The Apartment may be booked online by sending the reservation form to the following e-mail address:, through a form on the website or via telephone: +48 517 250 322. A reservation form is sent to each client upon preliminary contact and making reservation arrangements.
5. Having sent the form or a request, a client receives a reply including initial information regarding payment, availability and other conditions to be met in order to rent the Apartment.
6. Reservation is guaranteed when the bank account designated by the Renter is credited with 30% per cent of the reservation value (advance payment), two days after booking at the latest. The reservation date is specified in the reservation form.
7. The advance payment shall not be returned and is tantamount to the acceptance of these Rules and Regulations and the price list which is not subject to change. In case the reservation is cancelled for reasons attributable to the Renter, the client shall be entitled to the return of an amount equal to the doubled advance payment.
8. The remaining amount must be paid within 10 days before arrival. A failure to pay the amount in due term shall result in the loss of the advance payment, and, consequently, the reservation cancellation.
9. In case of reservation, a client is obliged to pay the whole amount resulting from the reservation agreement within 10 days before the arrival.
10. The Renter declares that he is not a local tax collector (i.e. resort tax). Local Sports and Recreation Centre in Ustronie Morskie is the collector of the foregoing charge.
11. The Apartment may be rented by adults only. Collecting the keys, the person must prove his/her identity showing the identity card or passport in case of foreigners (in case of the lack of documents, the Apartment shall not be provided, and the payment effected for the whole stay shall not be subject to return). The data in the identity card must be identical to the data in the reservation form.
12. Guests may check-in from 3.00 pm on the check-in day and check-out until 11.00 am on the check-out day.
13. Guests are to check-in between 3.00 pm and 6.00 pm.
14. Guests are to check-out between 8.00 am and 11.00 am.
15. The check-out shall be preceded by the inspection of the Apartment condition. The condition is inspected by a person authorised by the Renter.
16. On the check-in day, the Apartment service must be notified via a telephone within 30 minutes before the arrival of the guests in order to provide the keys and the Apartment. The check-in and the check-out requires a written acceptance form which specifies the qualitative and quantitative condition of the Apartment. The Apartment service telephone number shall be provided in the reservation form.
17. A deposit of PLN 500 is collected on the check-in day towards possible damage. The deposit shall not exempt a Guest from the liability for any damage surpassing the amount of the deposit. In case of damage surpassing the amount of the deposit, the Guest shall be obliged to promptly pay the whole amount due.
18. Any loss or damage to the keys shall be subject to a penalty of PLN 300.00.
19. The client shall be financially liable for any damage caused to the building which houses the Apartment, to the Apartment itself as well as to its amenities. The client shall immediately inform the Apartment service about any events which could be detrimental to him/her or any other person, as well as about any damage caused to the building which houses the Apartment, to the Apartment itself or to its amenities, and about any and all claims of third persons on account of such damage, in which the owners of the flats in the neighbourhood of the Apartment. At the same time, the Client shall be obliged to cover any and all damage immediately. Any redecoration concerning the furniture or other equipment in the Apartment is forbidden.
20. The Client shall respect the principles of community life, in which respect the lights-out between 10.00 pm to 7.00 am and shall not hold any noisy or disruptive meetings or parties in the Apartment.
21. For safety reasons, whenever he/she leaves the room, the Guest shall check whether windows and doors are closed, and the light, televisions, irons and water system taps are turned off.
22. Any use of open fire is totally forbidden in the Apartment. Each Apartment as well as the whole complex is equipped with smoke sensors connected with a system which immediately notifies the National Fire Service. Breaking the ban shall result in imposing a fine of PLN 1000 on the Guest as well as covering the costs of an unjustified calling the National Fire Service. Candles available in the Apartment are only decorative and must not be lit under the foregoing penalties.
23. Smoking is strictly forbidden within the complex area under the penalties established in article 23.
24. For fire safety reasons, the use of any immersion heaters, heaters and related devices which do not constitute the complex equipment shall be forbidden. In individual justified cases the Renter may express consent on the use of the Guests’ own devices.
25. It is forbidden to store any explosives or dangerous material, in particular weapon, ammunition, pyrotechnical materials, liquid and gas fuels or forbidden substances (drugs, anabolic steroids, poison, illegal alcohol).
26. The Rentee shall bear responsibility for any persons other than the guests who stay in the Apartment. Such persons may stay in the Apartment between 7.00 am – 10.00 pm only and are obliged to observe the provisions hereof.
27. Animals are forbidden in the Apartment.
28. The Renter shall not be liable for any loss or damage of personal possessions, money, securities, valuables, in which jewellery, watches, mobile phones, etc. unless the damage has been caused for reasons directly attributable to the Renter.
29. The Renter shall not be liable for any damage or loss of a car or another vehicle which belongs to the Rentee who makes use of a parking space near the building or a municipal car park leased by the Renter (designated places), unless the damage has been caused by the Renter himself.
30. In case the Guest or a person staying in the Apartment with their consent, under the influence of alcohol and/or intoxicants persistently disturbs the peaceful stay of other Guests or the activity of the complex, damages the property of the Renter or other people, the Guest may be removed from the complex and a financial penalty of PLN 1000.00 may be imposed on him/her, whereby the foregoing penalty does not exclude the possibility of claiming damages according to general principles of the law. The foregoing actions shall always be reported to appropriate bodies (the police, city guard).
31. The Rentee shall not be liable for any inconvenience regarding the construction, refurbishment, modernisation, finishing works, etc. which could be in progress in and outside the neighbouring apartments. We hereby stipulate that any and all claims concerning the foregoing inconveniences shall be dismissed in full.
32. The rented Apartment must not be transferred or rented to third persons.
33. Personal belongings left in the Apartment by the Guest who checked-out shall be sent back at the expense and risk of the Rentee to the address he/she provided. Should the Rentee request the Renter to act otherwise, the Renter shall store the objects for 1 month and then leave them to an appropriate lost property office
34. The Rentee shall have the right to make a complaint in case of any irregularity observed in the quality of the service. Any and all complaints shall be accepted by the Renter.